Welcome to my personal website

Hej there! My name is Sebastian 'sebbel' Ball, a software engineer living in Germany. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science from the Ruhr-universit├Ąt Bochum. I am excited to talk and learn more about DevOps and AWS topics. It's always great to contribute to a healthy CI/CD process and enable developers to work faster and with higher quality.

For the past years I have been working exclusively in the ecommerce industry, including the startup ShopCo as well as the swedish bank and shopping heavyweight Klarna. In those assignments I was primarly tasked with improving the developer experience and taking care of infrastructure, especially on AWS. I have also worked on build pipelines and monitoring, two areas that I enjoy a lot.

Currently I am working for a german digital agency called Digitale Kumpel.

I am not looking for a new position right now.

Connect with me

Here is a list of social media links, come say hi, I'd love to connect with like-minded individuals.