Welcome to my personal website

Hej there! My name is Sebastian 'sebbel' Ball, a software engineer living in Germany. I hold a Bachelor of Science in Applied Computer Science from the Ruhr-Universit├Ąt Bochum. I am excited to talk and learn more about DevOps and AWS topics. It's always great to contribute to a healthy CI/CD process and enable developers to work faster and with higher quality.

Another big interest of mine is infrastructure as code, where you define your cloud resources in files and deploy them through the same mechanisms you'd deploy your backend code. I've built plenty of experience using the AWS Cloud Development Kit (AWS-CDK) and Terraform throughout multiple assignments at larger and smaller companies.

For the past years I have been working exclusively in the ecommerce industry, including the startup ShopCo as well as the swedish bank and shopping heavyweight Klarna. In those assignments I was primarly tasked with improving the developer experience and taking care of infrastructure, especially on AWS. I have also worked on build pipelines and monitoring, two areas that I enjoy a lot.

Currently I am working for a german digital agency called Digitale Kumpel.

Occasionally I write blog articles about topics that I am interested about, you can find my blog at blog.sebbel.net.

I am not looking for a new position right now.

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Thanks for your visit and have a great rest of your day!